Ship Stations on Lake Ossiach

Where can I board the ship to make a cruise on the Ossiacher Lake? Here you can find the addresses of all nine ship stations around the lake, as well as information about parking near the stations. 
At every ship station, there is something to explore and experience, that's why the "Ships of Oss" are so perfect to plan a stressfree adventure and discover the lake and the surrounding attractions. 

Schiffsstation Landskron
(formerly called St.Andrä) 
Ossiachersee Süduferstraße 65
9523 Villach-Landskron

Parking lots are available on sight. 

The ship station Landskron,Villach's Gate to the Lake, has been completely renovated in 2020. The wide pontoon allows easy access for everyone, including strollers and wheelchairs. 
Von hier erreichen Sie die Burg Landskron, die Adlerwarte und den Affenberg in ca. 30 Minuten Fußweg.

Achtung, aufgrund der anhaltenden Bauarbeiten verzögert sich die Aufnahme des Betriebs 2024 bei der Station Annenheim!
Nähere Infos hier: Fahrplan

Ship Station Annenheim

Seeuferstraße 18
9520 Treffen

Parking is available in the Seeuferstraße 77-79, 9520 Treffen

The Station Annenheim connects Mountain and lake. From this station, you reach the Gerlitzen Kanzelbahn, a cable railway that gets you on top of the mountain in no time.

2024 bauen wir für Sie die Station Annenheim im Rahmen des OKE-Annenheim Projekts komplett neu!

Ship Station Sattendorf

Seeweg 94
9520 Treffen-Sattendorf

Dorfstraße 30, corner of the Bahnhofplatz or via the Bundesstraße.
9520 Treffen-Sattendorf

About 3 min. by foot down to the station.

The Station Sattendorf is located in walking distance to the hiking trail to the Finsterbach waterfalls.
With the ship you can visit this natural landmark relaxed and without worrying about parking.

2023 wurde die Station Sattendorf umfassend erneuert und bietet jetzt einen bequemen Zustieg mit Rad, Kinderwagen und Rollstühlen!

Ship Station Berghof
Ossiachersee Süduferstraße 241
9523 Villach-Landskron

ACHTUNG keine Parkplätze – Zustieg nur für Gäste des Seecamping Berghof sowie Umsteiger für die Halbseerunde im Sommer.

The station Berghof is located on the camping site of Seecamping Ertl and is ideal for guests of the campground. 

2021 haben wir die Station komplett erneuert! Der Zustieg mit Rädern und Kinderwägen ist jetzt besonders bequem.

Die Station Heiligen Gestade darf ab 2024 leider nicht mehr angefahren werden und entfällt somit als Zu- und Ausstiegsstelle am See. 

Ship Station St. Urban

Sankt Urbanweg 16
9551 Bodensdorf

In St. Urban the Peterle Kletterwand awaits for anyone looking for a climbing adventure. With the ship you reach this location in the most relaxing way, leaving you energized for the climb!

Ship Station Bodensdorf

Golfweg 3a
9551 Bodensdorf

Parking on sight.

Bodensdorf offers a great start to enjoy the lake with it's many accommodations and shopping offers. 

If you're arriving from the direction of Feldkirchen, Bodensdorf is the ideal station for you.

Stiftstraße / Professor-Helmut-Wobisch Straße
9570 Ossiach

Public parking is available on sight and within the village. Bus parking lots are also available. Please note, that there's a parking fee. 

The shipstation Ossiach is your ideal starting point for many trips. Not only is it one of the station with most chances to enjoy a roundtrip: The Stift Ossiach offers culture and architecture enthusiasts a guided tour, the FamilyWald offers climbing fun for the whole family and the Sommerrodelbahn lets you experience sliding fun in summer - no water or snow involved.

The ship station has been completely renovated in 2021.

Ship Station Steindorf
Seestraße 19,
9552 Steindorf

Seestraße 13, 9552 Steindorf

The ship station Steindorf connects you to the Slow Trail Bleistätter Moor. A walking trail for the whole family through a nature-sanctuary. You can shorten the trip by making the return route between Ossiach and Steindorf by ship.

Please note, that the station Steindorf is only frequented during the main seasons. Please check the seasonal timetables.